Sunday, November 9, 2008

first post in a brand new blog...

so I started this blog as a sort of more personal chronicle of things I want to keep track of...I suppose I could do this in my livejournal, I'm not sure why I'm not actually.  but hey!  I love windows live writer, surprisingly.  and I already have my blogger account hooked up to that.

so!  things I want to accomplish/do before graduating college:

  • Run the flag at Freakout
  • Strip at Freakout :P
  • Run for GM or PU (maybe)
  • Be on the GM Week Committee (doing it this year!)
  • Get into Phalanx
  • Take a class with Merrill Whitburn (doing it this year!)
  • Take a class with Julie Guttman
  • Take another class with Zenzen
  • Take a class with Puka (doing it this year!)
  • Study abroad
  • Get an internship across the country
  • Try out WRPI
  • Intramurals!  Been doing soccer and ice hockey :D
  • Live off campus Done for the next few years!

will be updated as i think of more!

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