Sunday, August 23, 2009


One of the most beautiful drives I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of.




So many pictures to share...these are about 1/10th of them. So hard to choose which to post.


 DSC06034 DSC06070DSC05982_exposure_exposure





DSC06071 DSC06072 

DSC06079 DSC06081 DSC06083

DSC06094 DSC06105

(imagine that...something as mundane as mailboxes in such a beautiful, unsettled area...about 20 minutes outside of West Yellowstone entrance.)



DSC06115  DSC06120 DSC06148 DSC06130



I'm still sort of in shock that this trip actually happened. It was so last minute and out of character for me, but I am SO HAPPY it worked out! I want to go back. I want to experience all of that beauty and newness again!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

sweet jumpsuit o' mine

...well, if only they were mine. A girl can dream, can't she??
ary_an-4016_blu-2 ary_an-4016_blu-4 


Loooove the purpley color and casual fit of this. It looks like it'd be the perfect outfit to wear on a lazy hot summer day!

ary_an-3171t_blk-2 ary_an-3171t_blk-5 


all jumpsuits by aryn k from


Ok, I don't know about anyone else who reads this, but this jumpsuit shape and model reminds me SO MUCH of my graphic design major advisor!!! This is such a great casual/dressy jumpsuit. I want it!

Friday, August 21, 2009

superstitious feeling baby


I don't care what anybody else says, I love horoscopes! I am 100% an Aquarius and totally proud of it. I fit the "profile" perfectly!

And frankly, these are pretty much right on:

Aquarius Date Guide
Insights into Likes, Dislikes, Motivations and Desires

Taking an Aquarius out could be the easiest or hardest dating experience of your life. Aquarians like anything different, new, technological or progressive. If you are feeling up for it, take your Aquarius on an adventure date -- windsurfing, hang-gliding or spelunking. Think out of the box, because for this Sign, anything goes. How about a political rally, a midnight bike-ride, a trip to the science museum or kite flying? Get creative, and don't shy away from something intellectual -- your Aquarius will love you for it.
Suggestions for the perfect date:

go snowboarding together, play a virtual-reality game, go to the zoo, go to a political rally, go to a conference, take a midnight hike in the forest, go skinny dipping, cook sushi together, go to an interactive art exhibit, go skydiving, go camping, take a yoga class together, go rock-climbing indoor or outdoor, go for dinner at a place that serves really foreign food, go parasailing, fly a kite together, go to an air show

Dating Do's and Don'ts for Aquarius from


Aquarius Woman
Personality Insights into Gift Giving for Aquarius

Those born under the Sign of Aquarius are the visionaries of the Zodiac and have an affinity for progress, technology and anything that is radical. What's a good gift for the Aquarius in your life? Technological gadgets. (Handheld electronic organizers are a good start!). They also love to learn, so books on their current project or something in which they are interested will also be a big hit. The key to getting a gift for an Aquarius is novelty. Try scuba-diving lessons, yoga classes or Chinese herbs. If you are feeling more conservative than your Aquarian loved one, the Sign Aquarius rules the ankles, so socks or an anklet would be appreciated.
Suggestions for the perfect gift:

books or magazine subscriptions, music, scuba-diving lessons, socks, a nice pen, candles, gadgets, acupuncture session, science-fiction or fantasy books, sky-diving or windsurfing lessons, yoga classes, incense, unusual clothing, tickets to an avant-garde film, a cell phone or beeper, Internet access


Gift Guide for Aquarius from


That's all for tonight! More Spain planning tomorrow, hopefully!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

how can I say this without sounding old...

...the other night I was watching Antiques Roadshow. 2am.


...sprawled out on my bed.



I swear this isn't a regular occurrence. At least, not regular enough for me to admit to on the internet. SO. I was watching Antiques Roadshow (gah!), and some really gorgeous Art Deco posters came up on the show. I absolutely loved the style and colors, they're those often-imitated posters that just aren't as good as the real thing!


These two Monte Carlo posters are so colorful and fun (click for larger)! I love the type in them, of course, and the style of illustration is just so appealing and wonderful. I would love to have one of these images for my wall if I ever got my act together and redecorated my room.

OH NO. As I am typing this, another episode is starting! Make it stop!!

Anyway, I looked up the artist that created those posters - his name is Louis Icart. Here are some more of his works:


These two, above and below, are such a different feel than the first two posters, but carry the same illustration feel. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shape of the woman's body on the left! It's so wispy but curvy, and I love that the feet trail off into a point (almost like smoke).


Some more beauties:

image image





Have a lovely night!

Monday, August 17, 2009

packing for spain: part 2


I have a huge thing for bags - purses, rolling suitcases, carry ons, basically any kind of bag. I think it's mainly 2 things: how pretty a bag is, and imagining myself using it and packing and all of that organizational goodness. I also am very attracted to planners and usually end up with 2-3 (that I ultimately don't use) per year. Coincidence?

I think not!

I'm considering buying a new carry-on bag, for a couple of reasons:

  1. I don't have one
  2. I don't want to borrow one from home (not pretty enough, what if I lose it, etc)
  3. It'd be so much fun to have a new travel bag!

I'm also considering not buying one, because....I'm pretty darn broke. And about to get even MORE broke after this semester! I'm pretty psyched in general, no joke. This is the "worth it" kind of broke!


Convertible Carry-On Bag on, $99



Athalon Handy Tote - Houndstooth at, $39



Swiss Gear Zurich 17" Upright - Pewter at, $79



Pacific Coast Executive Rolling Tote on sale for $50 at



Ricardo Essentials On-Board Rolling Tote, 16" at, on sale for $53


And lastly, this freaking CUTE purse! I only wish they had one left in brown or black. Hmm...


Twisted Hardware Doctor Bag at, $39 on sale

Now that I think of it,I'm not sure I'll have time to get these shipped to me..GAH. I'll have to work fast! (If at all!)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

fashion planning: spain


It occurred to me that I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO WEAR while I'm going to be in Spain!! I seem to have either misplaced or donated ALL of my summer clothing, which has only JUST become apparent and inconvenient, now that it's burning hot in NY for the last two weeks of summer, instead of raining like it did the rest of the summer.

No, no bitterness here!

Have I mentioned how disgustingly pale I am? And how I haven't been to the beach since May?....


I've been collecting pics of cute summer looks, to help me put together a bunch of outfits before leaving. I have a ton of basic tees and tanks, which will help a lot, and my aunt is taking me shopping(!!!) before I leave. I'm planning on stocking up on shorts, jeans, and probably sandals then. I'm lacking in those 3 departments. Ugh.

I gathered these from all over the place, and have linked where I could. If I'm using your photo and haven't linked it, please let me know and I will give credit where it's due!

2493388060_9604646292 2952443073_5812de5355 4283860717

Smile by LolaHaze featuring Calvin Klein

Daria W.
Daria W. by LolaHaze featuring American Eagle Outfitters

img0746jj9 juicy3-1
left: fashion toast    right: karla's closet