Friday, August 21, 2009

superstitious feeling baby


I don't care what anybody else says, I love horoscopes! I am 100% an Aquarius and totally proud of it. I fit the "profile" perfectly!

And frankly, these are pretty much right on:

Aquarius Date Guide
Insights into Likes, Dislikes, Motivations and Desires

Taking an Aquarius out could be the easiest or hardest dating experience of your life. Aquarians like anything different, new, technological or progressive. If you are feeling up for it, take your Aquarius on an adventure date -- windsurfing, hang-gliding or spelunking. Think out of the box, because for this Sign, anything goes. How about a political rally, a midnight bike-ride, a trip to the science museum or kite flying? Get creative, and don't shy away from something intellectual -- your Aquarius will love you for it.
Suggestions for the perfect date:

go snowboarding together, play a virtual-reality game, go to the zoo, go to a political rally, go to a conference, take a midnight hike in the forest, go skinny dipping, cook sushi together, go to an interactive art exhibit, go skydiving, go camping, take a yoga class together, go rock-climbing indoor or outdoor, go for dinner at a place that serves really foreign food, go parasailing, fly a kite together, go to an air show

Dating Do's and Don'ts for Aquarius from


Aquarius Woman
Personality Insights into Gift Giving for Aquarius

Those born under the Sign of Aquarius are the visionaries of the Zodiac and have an affinity for progress, technology and anything that is radical. What's a good gift for the Aquarius in your life? Technological gadgets. (Handheld electronic organizers are a good start!). They also love to learn, so books on their current project or something in which they are interested will also be a big hit. The key to getting a gift for an Aquarius is novelty. Try scuba-diving lessons, yoga classes or Chinese herbs. If you are feeling more conservative than your Aquarian loved one, the Sign Aquarius rules the ankles, so socks or an anklet would be appreciated.
Suggestions for the perfect gift:

books or magazine subscriptions, music, scuba-diving lessons, socks, a nice pen, candles, gadgets, acupuncture session, science-fiction or fantasy books, sky-diving or windsurfing lessons, yoga classes, incense, unusual clothing, tickets to an avant-garde film, a cell phone or beeper, Internet access


Gift Guide for Aquarius from


That's all for tonight! More Spain planning tomorrow, hopefully!

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Hmm, do you fit the Aquarius profile, or does it fit you....:)