Monday, August 10, 2009

Jenna Fischer and I are twins!!


Jenna Fischer is SO DARN CUTE! Not only is she a freaking awesome (and HILARIOUS) actress, but she's also so refreshingly wholesome, in a not sicky-sweet way. And she has a cute blog on her MySpace!

Anyway, I found this adorable picture of her at the celebration for the 100th episode of The Office, and I realized....I know that look! I make that face in about 95% of the photos of me on Facebook! (The other 5% are split between awkward/scary pictures of me while I'm sleepy, and actual normal pictures of me.)



Pshhh I totally CREATED that look! the-office-100th-episode-celebration-30


So I put together a uh...little medley of photos here. Yes, I searched all of my photos on Facebook. I am THAT lame. And clearly have nothing better to do (definitely not cleaning my room...or packing for Spain...or watching my backlog of Netflix movies....or catching up on emails......)


P.S. That bottom right picture is of me and Chris - probably my favorite funny picture of us together :).

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