Sunday, August 16, 2009

fashion planning: spain


It occurred to me that I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO WEAR while I'm going to be in Spain!! I seem to have either misplaced or donated ALL of my summer clothing, which has only JUST become apparent and inconvenient, now that it's burning hot in NY for the last two weeks of summer, instead of raining like it did the rest of the summer.

No, no bitterness here!

Have I mentioned how disgustingly pale I am? And how I haven't been to the beach since May?....


I've been collecting pics of cute summer looks, to help me put together a bunch of outfits before leaving. I have a ton of basic tees and tanks, which will help a lot, and my aunt is taking me shopping(!!!) before I leave. I'm planning on stocking up on shorts, jeans, and probably sandals then. I'm lacking in those 3 departments. Ugh.

I gathered these from all over the place, and have linked where I could. If I'm using your photo and haven't linked it, please let me know and I will give credit where it's due!

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Smile by LolaHaze featuring Calvin Klein

Daria W.
Daria W. by LolaHaze featuring American Eagle Outfitters

img0746jj9 juicy3-1
left: fashion toast    right: karla's closet

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