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There are days where it scares me that I'm in my 20s already - just barely, that's true, but still. When I was a kid I used to think that by now I'd have traveled the world, written an award-winning novel, and become some sort of celebrity (of course!). Now that I'm almost out of college, I feel like my time to do something amazing early in life is coming to a close - which makes such driven and talented people like Mindy Kaling all that more amazing to me!


Mindy Kaling:

"The following year, she began attending Dartmouth College, where she was a member of the improvisational comedy troupe "The Dog Day Players" and the a cappella group "The Rockapellas," as well as the creator of the comic strip "Badly Drawn Girl" in The Dartmouth college newspaper. She graduated in 2001.[4] In 2003, she portrayed Ben Affleck in a play entitled "Matthew & Ben", which she also co-wrote. The play was named
one of Time magazine's "Top Ten Theatrical Events of The Year"."
-Wikipedia entry on Mindy Kaling

I know this is my 2nd post about someone from The Office in a short time period, but hey! It's only my favorite show, after all. I love seeing stories like her - she is so focused and driven. You can see how all her side projects and hobbies have led her to where she is now: a talented and hilarious writer/actress!


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original article text: 10 things you don't know about women

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