Saturday, August 22, 2009

sweet jumpsuit o' mine

...well, if only they were mine. A girl can dream, can't she??
ary_an-4016_blu-2 ary_an-4016_blu-4 


Loooove the purpley color and casual fit of this. It looks like it'd be the perfect outfit to wear on a lazy hot summer day!

ary_an-3171t_blk-2 ary_an-3171t_blk-5 


all jumpsuits by aryn k from


Ok, I don't know about anyone else who reads this, but this jumpsuit shape and model reminds me SO MUCH of my graphic design major advisor!!! This is such a great casual/dressy jumpsuit. I want it!


Mom said...

Man, oh, man...wish I had kept all my old '70's clothes, soo back in. Loved my jumpsuits, and now they're back in, soo funny...Just the colors I think, are better this time around.


Anonymous said...

Oh, oh, oh! I LOVE these! Jumpsuits are my absolute favorite new trend. I have one and it's like wearing pajamas but you still look chic. Amazingg. : )