Sunday, May 16, 2010

oh dear

current projects:

  • finishing 3 back essays by thursday
  • writing an extra credit Language & Culture essay for thursday
  • 2 research papers – thursday
  • interviews for Language & Culture research paper/senior STS thesis

non-school related current projects!:

  • watching criminal minds like it’s my job!
  • researching fantastically awesome inspiring people, like matthew gray gubler, mindy kaling, bruce mau, and more
  • reading through my pile of books (awesome YA fiction I haven’t kept up with and books like Never Eat Alone, On Writing Well, and Will Write For Food)
  • listening to classics on free audiobook while i design
  • catching up on spanish – watching CSI: Miami dubbed, Pasapalabra (I MISS IT!), and reading Gabriel García Márquez in spanish
  • planning my next travel adventure! deciding on where to go for the summer…midwest roadtrip, northeast roadtrip, or west coast trip again (if i find a cheap ticket!)
  • making the perfect iced coffee


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