Saturday, October 4, 2008

good coffee :)

I know it's fall and classes have started because I've been craving coffee again.  Of course, after my visit to Seattle, my coffee taste will never be the same again.  Not that that's necessarily a bad thing!  But all that's available on campus is Green Mountain so I've gravitated more towards the coffee based drinks, like mochas and lattes.  Yum!


Chris and I got a Pumpkin Pie Latte at MochaBlend Cafe, a cute coffee place by Price Chopper near campus.  I'm definitely a regular there, and Chris and I were in search of a fall-themed beverage.  I figured they would pull through!  My second favorite coffee place is Flavour Cafe and Lounge, closer to downtown Troy.  Flavour Cafe has a super cute staff (SO friendly!) and I love the ambiance there.  MochBlend is very earthy warm toned, and Flavour Cafe is full of cool, soothing colors.  But, I have to say that even though Flavour Cafe has the edge of very skilled baristas (see below!), MochaBlend wins out by an edge because Flavour Cafe tends to have off-days where the coffee is just. not. good.  Strange. 


I can't wait to try all the other fall coffees and whatnot that I'm sure will spring up soon.  And, this weather means I can finally break out my MarketSpice tea again!


All I have are cell phone pictures because I never think to bring my camera to these places...gah.


Amazing Pumpkin Pie Latte from MochaBlend



Chris approves!  And I wanted something for scale..those mugs are humongous!


Jessica said...

ahhhh natalie! that coffee with your name in it is the coolest thing I've ever seen! How in the world do they do that?? Also, the campus paper here is doing a thing where they go check out all the coffee places and report back. Your post reminded me of something like that :-P.

Mom said...

I love MochaBlend's coffee, and the decor, but the one guy who is always there sucks, such a negative attitude. Flavor Cafe is always positive and yes, the coffee is inconsistent, but with alll those flavors, it's still interesting to try!! Plus, they have good food.