Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So, ok, as probably every single person who reads this blog knows…my mom is coming to visit me this week for a LONG time!!!!! :D I AM PSYCHED.

I’m also grumpy as HECK trying to find a freaking flight to Italy and back for us!!! There’s been airline strikes in Italy, starting with the Air Traffic Controllers from what I understand, and now with Iberia as well – I’m not sure if they’re related, honestly, but it’s a freaking pain to plan around! Prices have jumped like crazy: tell me if this makes sense. I paid 70 E to Pisa, Italy, and 65 E from Rome to Sevilla. Right now, Iberia is running one-way flights to Pisa from SVQ for a WHOPPING 1,500 E and ROUND TRIP to Pisa 258 E. WHAT! Does this even make any sense to you?????

Italy 165

Ugh rage rage rage. I cannot WAIT to go to Italy again, I just wish the airlines made it a little easier for us ;). I resent the amount of work I have to go through for this!

(Side note: Mom, if you’re reading this and I know you are, YOU ARE WORTH IT. Ok? So don’t worry about it!! I’m just frustrated with the airlines and the nonsensical pricing!)

ANYWAY. I’ve been planning and plotting and Googling and can’t wait to play tour guide for my mom! This is just my type of “thing” – apparently I love steamrolling people into doing things (hehe!) and there is no better way to do that than play tour guide! I can’t deny it, I am a bit bossy, but it’ll be really fun to really show off “my” city. I think it’ll help me realize how many cool things are here too – there’s so much I haven’t done yet!!



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