Monday, October 19, 2009


Well, it’s been building up for awhile, but this weekend it’s come out completely: I’m sick. For the past few weeks I’ve been breaking out in night sweats and have suspected I have a fever, but since I had no way to tell, I couldn’t be sure. I was hoping it was just from the seasons (not) changing and traveling a lot, moving between different  climates, etc. But this weekend was my first in Sevilla for awhile and my body seemed to know it.

I’ve progressed through the stages of a bad cold pretty fast – it’s only been the last 3-4 days. But I’ve experienced the sore throat, the stuffiness, then the swollen throat, runny nose/watery, small cough turning into huge annoying cough symptoms. This morning I went to the doctor with a CEA director and came out 5 minutes later with 3 prescriptions – one for a cough, one for ibuprophen (I didn’t buy that, I already have some), and one for…well, I’m not really sure. It’s like Airborne I think, but for cold symptoms? I’m not really sure, but I do know that I accidentally read the Spanish wrong and tried taking one without letting it dissolve in water. EWWWW WORST IDEA EVER. I was foaming at the mouth with cold meds.

That was a mistake I won’t make again.

Anyway, just an update, and I’m still alive (although really all I want to do it pass out). Lots to do – tons of homework this week, not to mention I have a midterm or two this week, CEA excursion to Ronda on Saturday, and then the rest of my midterms sometime next week. Eek! Wish me luck!

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Mom said...

Soo sorry you aren't feeling well. Hopefully you'll feel better next week when I'll see you in person!