Tuesday, December 1, 2009

celebrity sightings

Well, not by me. But a movie Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are starring in has been filming in Boston for awhile, near my sister’s school campus. Then, a few weeks ago, they started shooting in none other than Sevilla, Spain for a couple of the action scenes! Too cool!


Although it was just their stunt doubles for the first several days of shooting, it’s still exciting! They were shooting all over Sevilla’s center, plazas and sidewalks I walk through every day. I was walking to class one morning past the bullring, which is on the main road by the river, and they were filming a car chase inside of the ring. I realize I sound like a 10 year old boy here, but…neat! I am definitely going to see the movie just to be able to say, I’ve been there!

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz arrived in town a few days ago, and were shooting down in Cadiz for a running of the bulls scene when the bulls got loose and did some damage. I saw it on the news here and it looked like the bulls were out of control! Anyway, not sure if they’re still in town, I heard they’ll be here through December but who knows. Maybe I’ll spot one of them in line at Starbucks while I’m studying one day!

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