Saturday, January 30, 2010

times of stresssss

my kitty has been sick, and I just finished my first week of classes. It was a whopper of an end of break, not the best way to end it obviously…but my cat’s home, recovering, and hopefully on her way to being healthy again. We’re all still not completely sure what happened, but it had to do with undiagnosed diabetes, an infection, liver complications from the infection, and a few other things.


It’s been a rough few weeks.

In terms of classes, it’s going to be a pretty hard semester and I’m still trying to get myself back into the game. I’m taking Marketing Principles, Graphic Design Studio, Language & Culture, U.S. History of Technology, Public Service Internship, and an Independent Study thesis project for my Graphic Design degree. Wish me luckkkk.

More thoughtful/interesting posts coming soon, I promise.

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