Sunday, September 26, 2010


This is what my alphabet looks like :).


I first read about synesthesia in my 10th grade Science Research class and studied it for 3 years. I never knew there was a name for this – I thought everyone experienced it. Certain school subjects tend to emote colors for me as well – math is red, history is blueblueblue, science is green. Darker colored letters are hard for me to pin down. First letters of a word are black. Double letters in a word are black. Numbers are combos of whatever color the individual numbers are.


Mom said...

hmm,,methinks this is genetic,..always have pictured math in red, figured it was my anger at it! lol...

Chris said...

math is blue, history green, music purple, english red, science is black (except chemistry, which is a reddish-orange). it looks like there might be a relationship between perceived color by synesthetes and attitude towards a subject, especially when it comes to red. then again, and on a completely related note, it could just be another case of this: