Monday, January 3, 2011

fancy a cuppa?

In my 5-6 years as a baking enthusiast, and more importantly in my 5 years at a tech school, I’ve decided there are two types of bakers: the technical, and the home grown kind.

The technical bakers, like one of my former roommates, are awesome at cake decorating, complicated recipes that involve zero tolerance for error, and anything involving yeast or a candy thermometer. The home grown kind are sloppy, rarely if ever measure things, don’t level off cups of flour, and experiment with recipes.

I’m definitely the second kind, mainly because of my God-given natural laziness. I can’t help it – I hate washing dishes, I despise following recipes too closely, and I rarely if ever have all of the ingredients necessary for a recipe on hand at any given time (this is another result of my laziness. I never plan ahead for baking!).

Luckily, most of the things I like to bake don’t require precision or specific ingredients that can’t be substituted! Brownies, cookies, muffins, and some types of cakes are all great for that kind of style. Bread pudding is also one of those great slop-it-all-together kinds of recipes – it takes well with almost any ingredients as long as you have the basics of bread, custard-type dipping stuff, and any extras/spices.

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2011-01-03 23.34.23_Perth_New York_US

I found this great Earl Grey Bread Pudding recipe on a blog while I was wandering the internet looking for some new recipes to try. I didn’t make many modifications, only adding in coconut to the layers with almonds and chocolate. For that reason I’m not posting the recipe here, but please click the link to see the recipe! Yum.


Chris said...

Those pictures look delicious! I'm a little skeptical about it being an Earl Grey pudding though, I've always thought that was a bitter tasting tea.

Mom S. said...

Actually, I'm an Earl Grey enthusiast from the moment I discovered it, and it is wonderful! I think you have to have a gene for it, cuz no one else likes it in my family, most of the time! The pudding was awesome, came out tea-rific!! LOL..