Saturday, January 31, 2009

logo design

I found this great link about the process behind creating a corporate logo the other day.  David Dache talks about the process behind redesigning HotBox Studio's logo here (via swissmiss - ironically enough, I found this link about an hour before my Graphic Design for Corporate ID professor sent it out to our class list). 

I really love the breakdown of the process behind creating this logo - especially the part about going back to sketching instead of working right from the computer.  This semester is the first almost completely graphic-design oriented semester I've ever had (!!), and I've really rediscovered the merit of constantly sketching and working on paper during rough drafts.

Currently, I'm doing a lot of logo work in classes, and I've just gotten my first freelance job through a class I'm taking!  I've applied to get research credit (or a stipend if I'm lucky) through the school for this job, since I was referred by a professor.  A former staff member of the school I'm at recently opened a consignment shop in downtown Albany, and needs an identity for his store.  So I'm sure I'll be posting more about my process and what's up with that!

If you ever get a chance, check out Paul Rand's book Design Form and Chaos.  It's currently out of print, which is a shame because that means two things: it's really hard to find, and it is ridiculously expensive if you do find it.  My professor for the above mentioned class actually assigned a reading to us from it that really laid out the process of logo design, which was an excellent read.  I'll see if I can possibly upload that in the future (not sure about the copyright issue, I'll have to look into that).  But I had also heard of this book through another professor during freshman year, and really want to find it!

Some other useful links for logo design and the process behind it:

I think that's all for now...night!

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