Monday, January 12, 2009

new year's spread

  Chris and I decided to spend a quite New Year's Eve in at the apartment.  Good thing we didn't make any plans that didn't involve lounging around and making food - we got snowed in!  Happy (late!) 2009 :).


Blueberry waffles, and banana white chocolate chip waffles. Mmmm.  Plus some bacon (YUM), cherries (still not as good as the Washington ones, but pretty good!), and coffee made with my new stovetop percolator and espresso cups from Nina!  Plates from an old woman's closet at a craft fair Heather and I went to a few weeks before Christmas.




Making Ham and Cheese Scones (recipe coming this weekend!), and to the right, fresh spinach artichoke dip.  I use this recipe for the dip, and usually replace all/part of the mayo with ranch dressing (I usually don't have mayo in the house).


Everything on the coffee table!  We also had olive oil + spices for bread dipping, and the Scharffenberger brownies. If you're wondering what Chris is doing...our couch ate the TV remote :(. 


Happy (sleepy!!) 2009!


Mom said...

Is that the brownie you brought home? That Nina pigged out on? God, it was unbelievable!! Sooo rich, smooth, and wonderfully flavorful. Drooling....


Chris said...

what kind of cheeses did we use in the artichoke dip recipe? i don't remember mozzarella being one of them...

yes, and the browniesare the best in the history of the world too :)