Sunday, November 8, 2009

italy take 2!

My mom’s been visiting me for the past few days in Spain! It’s been hotter than hot, definitely weather that calls for a siesta. I really don’t remember the last time it was so hot in Sevilla – I can’t figure out if it has been, and I just don’t notice because I’m usually in classes, or if the temperatures suddenly soared again.

Anyway, my mom’s visiting at a really great time for me because not only did I just happen to have a 5 day weekend, but my normal “weekends” are 3 days long, and 2 of my classes were cancelled this week. So we have maximum time together!

I wanted my mom to be able to experience more of Europe than just Sevilla. But, I didn’t realize how much she would like it there! For me, it’s the place I live and go to school every day now – it’s still super awesome, don’t get me wrong! But I love travelling and wanted to grab the chance to be able to travel more and most importantly, travel with my mom. I know she loves it too and I thought it’d be really cool for her to get to do that, since she was already in Europe!

So, right now we’re in Florence, Italy (again for me!! :D)! I found an amazing deal on an apartment here, $34/night each, bringing the total per night here cheaper than most hotels in the U.S., which is pretty great! We have a huge bedroom with 2 beds, a really cute bathroom, balcony with a wonderful view of the Duomo, a kitchen(!!!), a dining area, couch…it’s amazing! The couch may or may not be a futon – I’m currently sitting on it and a little afraid to find out…it keeps creaking and sliding around!

BUT ANYWAY. Yes, we are in Italy! We had an amazing dinner last night at Trattoria Za Za – definitely, definitely a place we are visiting again. My mom got spinach, ricotta, and truffle ravioli that actually almost had me shedding some tears it was so good. And I ordered a delicate, tasty fettuccine with pesto sauce. Yum! Sadly, no pictures, since I stupidly decided not to bring my camera.

All this build-up, just to get to the bad news…it is raining. Hard. And the weather report for the rest of the week is rain as well. I feel so ridiculously guilty – weather really hasn’t been an issue for me while studying abroad (Sevilla doesn’t really get weather! It’s just varying levels of HOT), so I don’t make a habit of checking. But even when I do check the weather, I don’t really care much about what it says – to me, rain is rain, either way I’m in Europe!! :)

But stupidly, I didn’t think about my mom. She came to Spain out of upstate-NY crappy pre-winter weather – rainy, cold, and gross. So of course, she loved the weather in Sevilla. I didn’t think about this until the plane tickets were booked (and we booked RyanAir, so pretty much our flight was set in stone), and basically I feel pretty guilty because all it has done so far is rain, rain, and forecast more rain. Oops :(.

Anyway, I feel a little better only because of these two things: 1. the amazing food; and 2. this apartment. It is such a great deal! So, I have high hopes for this trip, but I hope they don’t get smashed by this weather….more updates as I can find internet access!



Mom said...

It's a great thing that I love you, because I really, really could have gotten mad at leaving beautiful, sunny and warm Spain for rainy, cold Florence (with timer-activated heaters, that ALWAYS went off at the wrong time), but.....having gone to Florence was one of the highlights of my life with you!! It was stupendous, marvelous, eye-opening, and I have gotta get yr dad to go, too. Dyakoyu, Natalka, dyakoyu!

Mom, again said...

Also, the scenery and food were out of this world. The people, so friendly. I felt like we were living time out of time. As though we should have been dressed in fifteenth century clothing,...truly relaxed me and I loved it.