Saturday, November 28, 2009

thanksgiving, spanish style

First of all, I’m going to apologize for the awful photos before anything else! I could only take photos with flash, the lighting was way too yellow and too dim to take no-flash shots. So, I’m sorry!

Anyway! CEA brought us all out to dinner on Thursday night for an American Thanksgiving meal! It was really nice to be celebrating together. Surprisingly, lots of people have asked me if I was homesick spending the holiday away, and my answer was “no”. I feel almost guilty feeling this way, but I think the reason why I wasn’t homesick is pretty simple.

It didn’t feel like a holiday here in Spain at all. We still had classes, I went to study later in the day at our usual cafe (ok, ok, it’s Starbucks but whatever!). I went home and siesta-ed, Skyped with family and Chris, and read my book. In Sevilla it’s already Christmas season – decorations and commercials started 2ish weeks ago. So my thinking pretty much leapt to that and not Thanksgiving.

I have to say though, once I got all dressed up for dinner and started walking to our meeting point, it started feeling like a holiday – it felt special! Especially once I met up with everyone and we were all dressed up and excited. Dinner was really fun!


We went to a nearby Italian restaurant (believe me, we had a fun time with that – having an American dinner in an Italian restaurant which is in southern Spain…lol). We even got our own room :). The dinner was interesting…turkey (of course!), green beans, corn on the cob (extremely sweet and not very crunchy, but still somehow delicious – but no butter!), and the most goopy, pureed mashed potatoes ever! (But still good.)



I think you can see what I mean with the potatoes ;).


The pumpkin pie was the surprise of the night! It did not look too impressive, but it was DELICIOUS. It tasted like pure pumpkin! (Which it probably was, lol.) Yum.

DSC09664 DSC09672

They even let us have champagne at the end of the night! :) So much for the no-alcohol policy…I think this was a good occasion for it!! On the right, the bar 3 friends and I went to down the road after. It was a very cool place, lounge-y and relaxing. Exactly what we wanted – a place to stay out a little longer, but not crazy. So cute! I’m actually heading there in a few minutes, so as always, more later!

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Mom said...

We certainly missed you, but hearing your voice on the phone was wonderful that day, even though your sister hung up on you too soon. LOL...yes, other people wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, too.