Sunday, August 8, 2010

daily dose of happiness

short but sweet list. much more coming this week- stay tuned!

in the meantime…

things i loved this week/end:

my job!

i truly love it. :) i will be so sad to cut back hours once classes start!!

♥ Top Gear on Netflix instant!

♥ late night walks across campus – barefoot :)

♥ hanging out with old friends

♥ hanging out with new friends

♥ getting a paycheck!!! never gets old.

♥ the cooler weather (although it seems to be heating up again…)

♥ long, open, interesting conversations

♥ me time at the coffee shop after early days at work

♥ iced coffee at said coffee shop. YUM.

IMG_2310edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros, with old friends last week-ish

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