Thursday, August 5, 2010

things i’m loving: glitter nails!

Loving these nails ever since I saw the last photo on Gala’s latest fall fashion post.


Lavender 3D nails from Cut Out + Keep

3255699140_6eb1d15494_bSilver Glitter Nails from Flickr user zoebateman


Summer 2010 Nails from Jenny Sokol’s blog


And of course, glitter tipped nails from Gala’s fashion post

I’m going to be honest, long nails (fake or real) creep me the heck out. I’ve felt this way most of my life, to the point where having long nails makes me really uncomfortable and twitchy feeling. I think it comes from playing violin most of my life, starting when I was 4 and the teacher would clip my nails for me if they were too long.


That being said, I would totally consider growing out my nails a little bit just to make these glitter nails work! So adorable. I need to make this happen, and soon!

Fall fashion post coming later this weekend – in the meantime, keep looking for more things I’m loving post in the next few days!

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