Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 2 pictures: Winery & Beach!

Day 2: Day trip to Tio Pepe vineyards/winery in Jerez (origin of Sherry) & the beach at Conil:

I’m testing this photo album feature, so I hope this works! Anyway, here are photos from the winery and the beach. The winery was GORGEOUS – they use the grape vines as a ceiling for most of the room, to create shade and to catch the evaporating alcoholic fumes from the barrels of aging wine, to kind of infuse the grapes with extra taste and alcohol. The fumes were strong, haha. There are also some photos from their celebrity barrel room – any time a famous person or celebrity visits Tio Pepe, they have them sign a special barrel. There were some awesome signatures there!

The beach was GORGEOUS! The only problem was that it was super windy, as in, the sand took out chunks of our skin windy! So, yeah. Apparently most of the beaches around here are like that! I couldn’t believe people still went to the beach. But once you’re in the water, it’s beautiful and the wind doesn’t matter. I swam in the Mediterranean!!

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Mom said...

Wish we were there-love spanish sherry! The celebrity casks are awesome!