Thursday, September 3, 2009

holy moly, i’m a-travelin’!!

SO!!!! I am at BDL sitting in the boarding area for MY FIRST FLIGHT ON THE WAY TO SPAIN!!!!!!! AHHH!!!! Apparently I am EXCITED!! Craziness. I was so depressed last night!! My flight boards in 20 minutes so this has to be fast, but it’s looking like I have decent seats (window, aisle, window, ??). Of course the aisle seat is on the freaking overnight flight, but I’m hoping to get it changed. It worked once so far!!! (out of like 10 times but shhhh!)

I really want to stay positive about this trip, so I haven’t let myself cry yet. I have cried lots this week for lots of (legit) reasons and I just really want to view this as a positive opportunity rather than a sad departure. So here is a list of reasons to be excited (for me to remember!!) and things I will look forward to at home!!


  • THE FOOD! Sevilla is the origin of the tapas, yum!

image image

  • The people! Southern Spain is supposed to be the most hospitable and friendly area of the (already-friendly) country!
  • Learning the language (a challenge): I love challenges, and pushing myself, and my Spanish is nothing if not really rusty. Plus, this is an AUTHENTIC Spanish experience – I’ll really be learning the language from the natives!
  • EUROPE! I will have an amazing chance to visit any part of Europe I pretty much want to – and I intend on taking full advantage of this.
  • Scoping out the joint for future outings! Aka, getting a feel for all of the countries I hope to travel to in addition to Spain, and planning my next trip to Europe!
  • An amazing sociological experience. Let’s face it, I really need to find a topic for my STS Senior Thesis, and I ADORE observing and analyzing people. What better chance than this, a semester abroad?!?!
  • The people!! Not just the Spanish people, but the people in my program. They are all Americans and are going through the SAME THING as I will be! How lucky for me :).
  • Have I mentioned the food? I love food!
  • A semester away from RPI: I really need a break from all of the drama that I have been dealing with vis-a-vis my major (or lack thereof, according to them), my degrees, financial aid, etc etc etc
  • Also: the food!

image image image image

all photos from the Sevilla Tapas twitter!


Anonymous said...

Thought I should let you know that the photos are indeed from SevillaTapas on Twitter (thanks for the credit), but the ones you've shown here are pics I took while I was in Málaga last month. For tapas in Sevilla have a look here...

Sevilla Tapas

Mom said...

OMG, we are SOO going to check out the tapas' places, Talka! They look fabulous. Azahar's photos are wonderful!

Such a nice tradition, it makes it feel like you're family, I think, in a way....just trying out the specialty of the day ....