Sunday, September 20, 2009

quick foodie update!!

YES, I am still alive and doing very well!! I have no regular access to internet as of yet, and have been slammed with TONS of homework this week, so a real update will be coming soon, I promise!

I wanted to update about the food here though – it’s about time! Right now I’m in a cafe bumming off their internet. I usually just order a cafe con leche, it’s about 1,20 – 1,80 euros and always VERY good. I do miss the coffee drinks at home (ahhh I cannot WAIT to go to MochaBlend when I’m back!) but the coffee here is good and strong!

lentajes pimiento frito lunch

Anyway! I asked my senora if I could take a picture of my lunch yesterday – it was delicious!! I had a lentil stew/soup, and “pimientos fritos”. YUM! I think those are a kind of fried pepper, obviously from the translation at least, but they are really really good. Even though everything here is fried or cooked in olive oil, it’s not that bad and pretty healthy overall! No processed foods whatsoever, and no snacking, so it really adds up.

More later! :)

lunch 9-19

P.S. Loli MADE SURE the fruit was included in the picture! She’s so nice :). She said she didn’t want my parents to think she wasn’t giving me any fruit! Haha!


Chris said...

MMMMM! I'm intrigued by the pimientos fritos, I've never heard of anything like that before. Were they crispy? I AM SO JEALOUS OF THE FOOD YOU'RE EATING! wanttt (wambulance :P)

Natalie said...

lol awwwww...nope not crispy!! deliciousss though