Wednesday, September 2, 2009

a goodbye, sort of.

So, I wanted to write the One Last Blog before leaving the states. A sort of goodbye post, if you will. I had it all planned out: create a collage of my outfit for tomorrow/the next 28 hours, write out a list of positives to keep in mind for the trip (I am pretty much freaking out about leaving the country for so long right now), and a thank you to all of my family, friends and my boyfriend for being SO supportive and encouraging.

BUT. (The big But in the story, here.) I just got a new netbook for the trip, with the thought in mind that it’d be easier/safer/smaller/faster to carry around while abroad, doing just the bare essentials (not like I’m going to need the Adobe suite in Spain anyway) and having much better performance and battery life than my battered old T60. THANK GOD for this, since my laptop bit the dust MONDAY. No joke. POS.

Anyway, getting a new computer and basically using it for my whole life for the next few months means transferring everything over, remembering my passwords to every site once again so I can reset auto login, downloading programs and browsers and putting in all of my favorites. Thank goodness I’ve had a few days to do this.

All of this to lead up to: I am getting REALLY sick of Opera. I have been going through spurts of using Opera exclusively, then Firefox, then having both running at the same time, and back again, since I met my boyfriend Chris and was convinced to try Opera. I LOVE Opera’s speed and load times, the option to open a tab in the background, mouse gestures, and the magic wand. But man, does it have bugs! I am sick of it constantly hanging up for no reason, and making it impossible to use some sites and bookmarklets that aren’t compatible with Opera (actually I’m mad at the developers of the sites for that, but whatever). After using Firefox exclusively at work for 2 years now, and seeing how the upgrades have consistently gotten better, I’m getting pretty tempted to switch back again.

I’m giving Opera my official warning here.

Anyway, I have FINALLY made this collage that I have been hell bent on creating, after downloading and installing Firefox. Whew. So I give you, my traveling outfit!! Just pretend the shirt and cardigan are the same brand as the ones I actually own.

Also, let me take the time to brag about our SWEET hotel. I’m really having a great send-off here, when you consider everything. I went out to dinner with my parents and boyfriend in CT (where I’m flying out of tonight) at the Cambridge Brew House. It was pretty awesome. There was a $40 deal called Wine Night going on – 2 house salads, bread, a bottle of wine (your choice, and you can bring it home if you don’t finish), 2 entrees, and 2 desserts for $40. NOT BAD! I had a delicioussss steak with garlic mashed potatoes (my fave), White Zinfandel, and an amazing piece of cheesecake. Excellent!


What else?

OH! The hotel. Jeez. I forgot. Ok, so we’re staying in the Springhill Suites by Bradley International Airport, and I HIGHLY recommend it. So cool!!

image image

Just pretend there’s a king bed in that second picture. Anyway, this hotel was built in January, so it’s VERY new. Aka, awesome! The bathrooms are really cool (yes, bathroomS). I wish they had pics of it on the site. I’m sure my mom will have pictures soon enough though, and I will share eventually.

I think that’s about it for tonight, I’m exhausted and Chris is meeting us early for breakfast. I’m going to try to do one last post before I leave with some thank yous and reminders for myself to stay positive on the trip. Spain, here I come!!!

xoxo Talka

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Your Mom said...

First, loved your clothing picks. Also, great idea! about making your day before yr flight a pleasant, nonrushed time..felt like a true vacation.

Next, our meal was very,very good, the company even better! Dad thought Chris made an excellent choice for dinner, and so did I! Prices couldn't be better, company outstanding, and the reason for gathering was a good one....Loved it!
Lastly,the hotel was excellent, really cool and clean,perfect location for the airport- the shuttle works for me, but poor Dad lost his MP3 player;however, he might've lost it earlier in Boston at the previous hotel (waiting to hear from them). Oh, well, for a change, not me!!