Monday, September 21, 2009

a spot of shopping in Sevilla!

091909 003

So, Saturday I went on a glorious shopping trip a mere few blocks away from me. Uhoh. The shopping is AMAZING here – so many good deals and (almost) everything is really good quality! Some pictures from my shopping:

091909 005

Pretty ivory crocheted tee – wore this out on Saturday night.

 091909 006 

2 blouses that were on sale also.

091909 008091909 009

My downfall: 3 pairs of shoes. I’m wearing the white leather sandals now – they are SO COMFORTABLE! The women here wear BEAUTIFUL sandals, all leather and just so amazing. I want to buy so many, but I have to keep remembering it’ll be winter when I get back! The sandals and the heels (they are SO HIGH and SO COMFORTABLE) were both on sale for 9 Euros – score! The boots were quite a bit more,  but still a good deal. And I can definitely wear them when I get back!

P.S. Mom – see, I got boots!! Before you told me even :P. Nina wants me to buy her some too, without a heel!

091909 011 091909 012

Left: Proof of cheapness – it was half off the marked price!

Right: DELICIOUS mini muffins, I got them as a snack. Yum!


Anonymous said...

looks like fun...wish I was there. the food looks wonderful, enjoy this very special time.
love, Aunt Sharon

Mom said...

I love your taste! Yes, you listened..I wore my Spanish boots for years (bought in the States yrs ago) leather...